Don’t waste time…

Love can be disastrous at times,especially when one sided .I was really down those days.My grades had lowered. Sometimes even thought of consulting a psychiatrist. it was really difficult time for me.Never thought of  love being so painful.

But now when I look back ,I can’t stop smiling at my stupidity.

Everyone has gone through this at their young age.We often confuse love with infatuation most of the times it is not the person we get attracted to but we fall in love with the idea of falling in love.It’s a phase which every one has gone through in which every one dreams to have a lover.

It’s sad that it happens in a age when we are supposed to concentrate on our education and goals.We change with time but the time wasted cannot be changed.

So people who are going through this now remember,don’t get carried away by your feelings.Get serious and take the right decisions for your life.


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