​Men you really need help….

I read this on Facebook and thought how many of us will agree with this post.As far as I am concerned I totally agree with it.Are women in India really getting empowered.

YES I think so, the picture has been changed a lot over the years. For example the women have stepped out of the home’s they are educated, earn money , build their identity,take decisions and so on.But the picture at home has not yet looked in to. Even today the house work is the responsibility of women and not the men’s .The women’s have become independent and stable but men still remain the same as they were decades ago .

All these decades there has been no change for the men been happening I think it is high time we should bring about a change in men’s upbringing.We should change men and not women.

Too much of pampering for the men has led to women discrimination. The men are not supposed  to do the household chores they are supposed to be done by the women. Nowadays we see a different picture the women have to earn like a man as well as look after the home and children equally. So the point is the empowerment has to be done for the men because women are already and empowered and are doing things which are actually Superhuman.

Still I have seen in many families the men are considered superior.Since childhood the girls are taught every tit bit of living life and are trained to be ready to face everything in life .But the men are only given school education.They think that only the bookish knowledge will be enough for him to survive in this world.Rest his wife will handle or the mother herself.I have seen many moms and wife’s helping their sons in almost everything .They think it is their love and duty for them.

The woman is considered weak but actually is expected to do a lot more than a man which is actually funny because if somebody is a superior he is supposed to be doing a lot more work this explain that the men in the society are been left incapable of doing things.

Men stay dependent all their lives on some one or the other.They cant stand up for themselves because they can’t live alone.

So ,guys its high time u stand up for your dignity and show the world you are equal to women. 



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