Know what you really want for yourself….

We all fancy a Better lifestyle.Their is a reason I mentioned the better word because the meaning of that word has no ending. Everything changes but the word doesn’t change.Our lives get improving with time but the want of betterment doesn’t end.

So know what you want ,Really to live a better contented life.Have a Good life.


​Thoughts on death…

 I have written so far about birth and life,but today I thought of writing on death.
Is death the ending or beginning.There are many theories related to life and death.everyone knows that we are born we live and then we die. Some die early some have a longer lifespan.
 Life after death is one theory that goes around in india a lot.Infact we have rituals for the dead body to be done and if not done properly it is said that soul doesn’t attain peace.

What do you think of it I want to know.

Try something new today…

I like to do things perfectly and on time.I become really fuzzy and feel really lost when I mess up with my routine.

But sometimes I get bored with the routine also,so I bring some small changes in the routine and habits .

These changes refresh my mind . I feel new energy and freshness within me .

Changing the wallpaper on the mobile or Starting the day with a song or smiling at a unknown person.Changing the hairstyle or mismatching clothes.Trying a new drink ( juice instead of tea or coffee).Walking back home instead of taking transport  (ofcourse if it is walkable)etc..

So,I would really want all you people around also to add a bit spice to your life. So take care and be happy always.

Being yourself…being at peace.

A thought crossed my mind today which brought peace to my mind.These days i was getting a lot disturbed by petty things going on around me.

We are surrounded by a lot of cheap people around and are literally becoming like them in the urge of getting some stupid credit. I’ll explain ,there is a head of the family in the house who controls everything.I being an outsider( daughter in law) always try my best to become the part of the family who has equal rights to decisions and respect.

In the race to become the most loved person I tried becoming like them.But somehow every time I tried ,I would fail.But today I found the reason behind it because I was trying to please people who are not like me.People’s which are really cheap and selfish.

When you stand above someone u cannot connect with them.They know that you are superior therefore they get jealous and always look down on you.

Therefore ,I decided to  stop pleasing people around and be myself.I found that I dont need to be understood by every one around me.I dont need to explain my differences with them.l can be me.

Its not compulsory that everyone in this world should understand our way of life and accept us.We are Special and need special people who themselves agree and are satisfied on their way of life,which is really uncommon these days.

So, dont get stressed on the thought if someone  doesn’t agree with u.One person’s unacceptance will not affect your dignity.U should stay confident and continue being at peace.


​Just a thought crossed my mind.Sometimes we really worry about things like I should not tell anyone or it might affect the results.Its just like  counting the chickens before time because things dont turn out as we think.

Then we would have to go through a menace of cleaning up our own creations of imagination.

So live for the moment .Plan for the future but don’t start living in it.Enjoy what you have today.

Be happy Keep smiling always.

Don’t waste time…

Love can be disastrous at times,especially when one sided .I was really down those days.My grades had lowered. Sometimes even thought of consulting a psychiatrist. it was really difficult time for me.Never thought of  love being so painful.

But now when I look back ,I can’t stop smiling at my stupidity.

Everyone has gone through this at their young age.We often confuse love with infatuation most of the times it is not the person we get attracted to but we fall in love with the idea of falling in love.It’s a phase which every one has gone through in which every one dreams to have a lover.

It’s sad that it happens in a age when we are supposed to concentrate on our education and goals.We change with time but the time wasted cannot be changed.

So people who are going through this now remember,don’t get carried away by your feelings.Get serious and take the right decisions for your life.

​Men you really need help….

I read this on Facebook and thought how many of us will agree with this post.As far as I am concerned I totally agree with it.Are women in India really getting empowered.

YES I think so, the picture has been changed a lot over the years. For example the women have stepped out of the home’s they are educated, earn money , build their identity,take decisions and so on.But the picture at home has not yet looked in to. Even today the house work is the responsibility of women and not the men’s .The women’s have become independent and stable but men still remain the same as they were decades ago .

All these decades there has been no change for the men been happening I think it is high time we should bring about a change in men’s upbringing.We should change men and not women.

Too much of pampering for the men has led to women discrimination. The men are not supposed  to do the household chores they are supposed to be done by the women. Nowadays we see a different picture the women have to earn like a man as well as look after the home and children equally. So the point is the empowerment has to be done for the men because women are already and empowered and are doing things which are actually Superhuman.

Still I have seen in many families the men are considered superior.Since childhood the girls are taught every tit bit of living life and are trained to be ready to face everything in life .But the men are only given school education.They think that only the bookish knowledge will be enough for him to survive in this world.Rest his wife will handle or the mother herself.I have seen many moms and wife’s helping their sons in almost everything .They think it is their love and duty for them.

The woman is considered weak but actually is expected to do a lot more than a man which is actually funny because if somebody is a superior he is supposed to be doing a lot more work this explain that the men in the society are been left incapable of doing things.

Men stay dependent all their lives on some one or the other.They cant stand up for themselves because they can’t live alone.

So ,guys its high time u stand up for your dignity and show the world you are equal to women.